The best controller available for PC is the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. Microsoft named this controller “the world’s most advanced controller,” and the company isn’t wrong. The Xbox Elite controller comes with a number of upgraded features over the standard Xbox controller. The Xbox Elite controller comes with more options than ever before, but it also has exceptional build quality and feels amazing to use.

The Xbox Elite features hair trigger locks that allow you to lock your trigger so that the pull distance is shorter. The hair trigger locks shorten the throw by about half of the original pull distance. This means that you can pull the trigger much faster for games that demand quick use of the triggers.

1. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox – Blue

If you and your friends often use multiple monitors, you will know that it is expensive to replace them. This PowerA model is an inexpensive option that is less than half the control of a traditional Xbox One, but still offers all the hardware you expect. It also includes updates to the Xbox Controller design, such as button sharing, and a small sub-diary needed for audio games and quiet conversations during team time. Retention tools can help you maintain accuracy as well, and there are many colors and patterns to choose from. Don’t forget it’s a wire, so it needs to be close to the console (this might help make the monitor more durable).

2. Playstation DualSense Wireless Controller

So far, I have written that the PS5 has not yet been launched, so its controller has not yet been launched. But because the next generation of game consoles are so close to us and we can smell them, I have to praise the new Dualsense PS5 controller. I am not very lucky to try this controller, but with so many great new features, not including it in this list is a crime. Of course, once I master this game-changing gamepad (literally), I will update it.

The Playstation’s controller remains relatively similar to the original PS one controller, but this year marks a huge leap in immersive gameplay. From now on, VR will no longer be the only way to make you immersive. Tactile feedback allows you to feel exactly what is happening. In “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, when you use the “Poison Fist”, you will feel the charge move from the left side of the controller and spray from the right side when you punch. In Astro’s Playroom, you can feel the difference between walking on the beach and walking on metal. If you have experienced Nintendo’s high-definition rumble, please consider it as the next step.

The adaptive trigger also changes according to the action-you can feel the resistance of the bow, the push back of a compression spring, or the force of hitting a sharp turn on the track. Not to mention any other innovative ideas that game developers will come up with. They really bring an immersive feel to the game. PlayStation has also greatly improved the speakers on its controller, so you won’t rush to turn off the feature immediately. It is subtle, immersive, and clear.

Other improvements include a built-in microphone, longer battery life, more stylish design, more accurate motion control, and more satisfactory buttons, triggers and joysticks than Dualshock 4. I can’t wait to feel how this controller feels in my hands. I’m not sure how these functions will be converted to a PC, but even without them, I can see that this is the best non-professional controller of the next generation.


USB C charging and longer battery life (exact time is unknown).
Designed for a new generation of updated classic Playstation Dualshock.


Not sure about compatibility with PC (but we will know soon)
No headphone jack
It’s not in my hands


3. Elite Series 2 Controller - Black

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is the Cadillac in the gamepad. It uses its beloved Xbox One Controller layout and optimizes it to give a product with a rich design and first -class feel. The high-quality structure is immediately evident in the weight gain and texture; simply storing it. The Elite Series 2 also includes some performance updates for the Xbox One controller. It comes with a shell that has a replaceable right angle, arrow keys and rear paddles, which can be assigned to repeat the function of all buttons. It also comes with an internal battery that can last up to 40 hours, meaning you don’t need to buy additional accessories. Sadly, the price of the Elite Series 2 is a bit high compared to traditional Xbox monitors. Given that the Xbox Core Controller solves many of the problems of the Xbox One gamepad, and the price is the same as before, the Elite may be more than what you need. But those who want the best PC game control at any price will definitely find what they are looking for


Gamepad Buying Guide

The conventional controller and gamepad are two different devices, each with its advantages and disadvantages. If we’re talking about gamepad monitors, gamepads are more popular than your typical gamepad monitors at a much cheaper price. In addition, this gamepad has an analog joystick and shoulder buttons, while the standard monitor has only one arrow. The standard monitor allows for more flexibility and is easy to press a button. However, for some games, it is better to use a gamepad. These are the most common types of controllers found on the Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 4.

The advantages of the best xbox game controller for PC 2021


The size of the gamepad or standard controller depends on the type of game you are playing, the type of gamepad, and the style of play. The number of gamepads you can get is limited from the gamepads you can get on the market. Your PC should keep in mind its size, because with a standard monitor your thumb can only reach a limited amount of space. So it is very important to understand the size of the price monitor


The game planner is an important element of the game. With its help, you can play games for a long time tap. It has the ability to resist its addition to players with strong quality.

Final Words

After the release of the Xbox 360, most PC gamepads became more standard than dedicated devices. It became a great choice for the game. Most of them are full-featured Xbox 360 games of all the games on the market. While you’ll sometimes meet a variety of gaming standards on the market, these are the ones we should always be looking for.

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